We use the highest performing direct dye the market offers ensuring a very long life of your wig. We do offer enhancement services should your wig fade or become damaged over time.

  • Submerge wig in bath of cool water
  • Gently apply Paroben and Sulphate free shampoo and gently massage
  • Submerge wig back in bath
  • Remove wig and run fresh cool water over it to remove excess shampoo
  • Apply light conditioner and rinse in fresh water
  • Towel blot dry and detangle with wig brush
  • Then let air dry until  50-60% dry
  • On medium heat finish styling your wig to desired style. 'Remember heat and hot tools are hard on hair so thermo products are highly recommended for styling.
  • Remember this is a couture piece and should be treated with care. Washing after every use will result in faster wear and tear and enhancement services could be sooner than you would like.